St. Matthew the Evangelist parish will be conferring the sacrament of Confirmation on the following dates this fall:

Friday, September 24, 7:00pm
Friday, October 15, 7:00pm
Saturday, November 20, 10:00am

Due to the current pandemic restrictions and for other reasons, we are moving our Confirmation time to the fall season.

The specific church locations have not been determined, and will not be decided until much closer to the actual ceremonies.

The link below to Sign Up Genius will go live on Sunday, April 25, at 12:00 noon. This gives each candidate time to speak with your family and Confirmation sponsor, to determine your choice of a Confirmation liturgy.

Confirmation will take place in a liturgy outside of Mass. Attendance may be restricted depending on the situation of the pandemic. We cannot project at this time what those restrictions may be.

While it is preferable that sponsors attend the Confirmation liturgy, it is possible to have a “proxy” stand in for the absentee sponsor. This has always been the case, but has been more common due to the pandemic.

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