Confirmation 2 Online

Note: All Confirmation Masses scheduled in the Catholic Community of Billerica have been postponed to the fall.

Note from Jim Spinale, email June 19:

It is again that time for my weekly email to check-in and pray that you are all safe and healthy and starting to see the light. It is also that time of year to register your child for Religious Education for 2020-2021. To the parents of The students who are scheduled to receive Confirmation this year, it looks like we are planning to have Fall Confirmations   I will be in touch with more details as I receive them. To the parents of the incoming Confirmation l students (9th Gr.), welcome and I hope you enjoy the weekly visit via email. The riddle this week is as follows and it is a tough one:              A motor car is three times as old at its tires were when it was as old as the tires are now. When its tires are as old as the car is now, the car will be a year older than the tires are now. What are the present ages of car and tires?

My words of wisdom: I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life goes on, and it will be better tomorrow. I’ve also learned that there are three signs of old age, one is a loss of memory,  I forget the other two. Stay safe and healthy and God bless us all.  Jim Spinale


Note from Jim Spinale, email June 8:

Dear Parents and Students;

I pray that this email finds you all healthy and safe. I would still love to hear from more of the Confirmation ll students, actually, I would love to hear from any students. As I mentioned in my last email in a couple of years you will be graduating High School and applying to a college you choose to go to, but will they choose you? What have you done so far to prepare you for the rest of your life? This year so far has set us all back and it’s going to take a few months to get back to some kind of normal. God is still here with us so don’t wait to pray for help. Confirmation looks like it will still be at a later date, possibly in the fall, and as soon as I find out when and where I will let you all know seconds after I know. Ok, now it’s time for the puzzle of the week:


Puzzle:         What is the longest word in the English language?

Hint:  It doesn’t necessarily have the most letters but it will bring smiles to all your faces

Words of Wisdom;   I’ve learned that even at my age I still have a lot to learn


I miss the contact with all of you and I hope we can get back to some kind of normal. I’m at that point where I feel like I have to get out and exercise, but then I lie down until that feeling passes. Love you all and God Bless all of you.

Jim Spinale

Note from Jim Spinale, email May 30:

Well, it is time again for my weekly check-in and to test your knowledge with my different puzzles. I truly hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy.  I hope that more of you take a chance and try to figure out my puzzles and if you don’t just send me an email and let me know how you are doing.  Just a few days ago I presented  Scholarships via BATV to this year’s seniors,  and it was such a great feeling for me to hear the names of the graduates who were part of the Catholic Community of Billerica and received Confirmation just two years ago as you will two or three years from now.  I truly look forward to hearing your name at the Awards ceremony in your senior year. I also look forward to seeing you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation which will give you the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will define your future even more than an award or scholarship.

OK, the puzzle for this week is easy so let’s see if it will put some smiles on your faces.


Often we are covered with wisdom and wit,

And often with a cloth where the dinner guests sit

In beauty around you and over your head

We are countless, though numbered when bound to be read

The answer is;_________________


This week’s words of wisdom from me to you  is “ I’ve learned that if you pursue happiness, it will elude you but, if you focus on your family, your friends, and the needs of others, your work and doing the very best you can, Happiness will find you”


Note from Jim Spinale, email May 15:

Dear Parents and students;

It’s that time of the week again for solving another puzzle, and it would make me feel better if more students participated.    Parents are more than welcome to join in as well.  Confirmation is still happening but at a later date and like I said as soon as I find out when you will be the first to know.  Oh, and kids if you have an elderly person in the neighborhood or someone who needs help doing even a small chore put your mask on and with your parent’s permission lend a hand.  Thank you.  OK here is the puzzle:  What key is the hardest to turn?  It’s time for words of wisdom, from things I’ve learned like, “being kind is more important than being right”  God Bless all of you.  Jim Spinale    

Note from Jim Spinale, email May 6:

Dear Parents and Students;

 I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Here is my weekly email to check up on my families and make sure you are all OK. I also have a new puzzle for you all to solve. The answer to the last puzzle was Calendar and/or Almanac. Even though I only had a handful of students that actually participated in the puzzle I still want to try it again. This time I hope to have a few more of the kids join in. Some of the parents also sent in their answers which is okay with me.  I ask you again to pray for all the sick and those taking care of the sick and ask God for guidance and patience in all these stressful times.  Okay here is the next puzzle: What’s in the fire, and not in the flame? What’s that in the master, and not in the dame? What’s that in the courtier, and not in the clown? What’s that in the country, and not in the town? What am I? God bless us all, Jim Spinale

Note from Jim Spinale, email late April:

Dear Parents and Students;

I hope and pray this email finds all of you safe and healthy.  It looks like Confirmation will still be held at a later date, and as soon as I find out the dates I will email you seconds after I get the news. Ok, kids, I have a puzzle for you, I am asking that you do not look up the answer on your phones or computers but maybe in a book or magazine and then if you still can’t find the answer then you can use your phone and or computer. The puzzle is – Soon as I’m made, I’m sought with care, for one whole year consulted.  That time elapsed, I’m Thrown aside, neglected, and insulted. What am I?  You can email me the answer when you find it.  Kids, if there ever was a time we needed God in our lives this is one of those times.  If you get a chance to help some elderly who are in need of help or neighbors or even relatives, do what you can but do it safely.  Kids, Remember this when you step forward and help someone less fortunate than you, ” TO THE WORLD YOU ARE JUST ONE PERSON, BUT TO ONE PERSON YOU MAY BE THE WORLD”.                      God bless you all.                                                                                                                                                               Jim Spinale

Note from Jim Spinale, email from April 2 – information about Chosen access:

Dear Parents and Students;

I pray that you are all still healthy and safe. I amending you the Chosen lessons that we did not get a chance to view because of the Corona Virus, Students, this is not mandatory but I thought if you are getting bored at home you might want to view the lessons especially Lesson 11 which is very interesting considering what’s going on today in our lives. You might even want your parents to see it. The Lessons we missed were 11,12, and 13. The link for chosen is available from in the email from Mr. Spinale. Click on the link and once you are on the lessons will be on the right side of the page. Scroll down to the Lesson and click on it and sit back and watch. If you want to use your book then Lesson 11 is on page 95, and lesson 12 is on page 107 and lesson 13 is on page 115. If you complete all three then email me back and I will credit you for next year so you won’t have to view it again, and for that, I will take your word for it.

Note from Jim Spinale, email March 29:

Dear Parents and Students;

I never thought I would ever say to all of you students and parents that I truly miss you. The kids know how much I think of them and how proud I am of them but in these trying and scary times in our lives, the one thing they should be proud of is themselves. These are the teenagers that you don’t read about in the paper because these kids are the good ones. I saw on tv a piece about elementary teachers that rode up and down the streets of their students, so I tried it. I was driving up and down the streets holding a sign that said I miss you but the police pulled me over to check me out.(Only Kidding). What I’m not kidding about is praying that all of you are healthy and are praying to ask God for guidance and help. I am going crazy being stuck in the house so yesterday I ran around the block 5 times and felt great, then I picked up the block and put it back in the toy box. I will be sending out a link soon from Chosen to offer you a chance to read and view the DVD on the last 3 lessons. This is not mandatory but maybe something that will help take your mind and your parent’s mind off this crisis. God bless all of you and keep in touch.                                                                        Jim Spinale