We are offering a four-week Bible Study for Middle School students (those who completed grades 6-8 in 2017).  Encounter is a life-changing experience that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of middle school aged kids. Participants will be drawn into God’s story and will come to a new understanding of who God is – a loving Father who desires a meaningful and lasting encounter with them.

Session days and times are still being finalized – likely July and August, Sunday mornings and possibly a weekday afternoon.  A $20 offering is requested for materials.

Adult assistants are needed at each location for each date. All volunteers with Billerica Catholic Religious Education programs are expected to: 1. have an annual CORI (background check) on file, 2. complete the Protecting God’s Children (Virtus) program, and 3. sign the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct.

For more information, please contact Tony Carbrello at 978-667-3733 x45 or tonycarbrello@parishmail.com.

Click here for more information from the creators of Encounter, Ascension Press