Each year, we have made adjustments to the BCRE offerings based on registrations and volunteer commitments.  For the past few years, we have had a very hard time getting volunteers to commit to the St. Mary Sunday morning sessions.  Our registrations, particularly for Elementary grades, have been quite low as well.

Also, with the exception of Confirmation, we have found that requiring a Coordinator to be at more than one location on a given day shortchanges both locations.

Additionally, we want to help St. Mary recover the sense of the earlier morning Mass that was filled with children and families.  By taking religious education off Sunday mornings, we are helping the families who feel they do not have time for both Mass and class, so they are more free to attend Mass, as well as leaving room for hospitality after Family Masses (scheduled for St. Mary three times a year).

The BCRE team is committed to serving St. Mary families and providing excellent faith formation there.  We need St. Mary families to partner with us to make this happen.  Please contact us with further questions or comments.