What is the process for online registration?

Using our Online Registration process involves two steps:
1. Complete the online registration form, through “Submit Registration”.
2. Use the link sent in an email directing you to the online payment system of your home parish (St. Andrew, St. Mary, or St. Theresa, which you will indicate at the end of the registration process), and complete your payment there by credit card or bank account. You may need to add the email “BCRE.registration@billericacatholic.org” to your address book to avoid this email message going to a spam/junk folder.

Why is it a two step process?

The payment process has been one of the hangups in developing Online Registration for BCRE.  Since BCRE is not a financial entity itself, nor is the collaborative (Catholic Community of Billerica), all fees and finances are retained within each parish.  By having the online registration form set up to send someone an email, which responds conditionally based on which parish you choose, a user would receive a different emails with different links.  When we tried putting the link into the form before you choose submit, we were concerned that people would fill out the form, follow the link to pay, and never actually submit the registration.  It is a two step process, but given the tools we have it seems to be the only way to make it work for us at this time.

If you have expertise in online forms and would like to help us make improvements, please contact Tony Carbrello.