If you have a rising second grader who missed Religious Education in Grade 1, we expect that the child will participate in one year of Religious Education in order for your child to be better prepared for receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  We ask that you sign up your second grader for the […]

We allow the attendance of a child younger than first grade in Grade 1-8 sessions with some limitations, and at the discretion of the class teacher. Parents must be able to participate in the group activities with their registered children. In general, this means that that crawling babies and wandering toddlers would be excluded (depending […]

Beginning in the fall of 2020 (under non-pandemic circumstances), BCRE is expecting one adult from each family, with one or more children in Grades 1-8 religious education classes to have one adult assist with one program (Seekers, Explorers, Pathfinders, Navigators, or High School) by either: 1. Being a Committed Volunteer who has a regular role, […]

The RelEd team proposes that the older children come with the parent and the younger child with schoolwork or some other quiet entertainment, if no other child care opportunities are available. A “quiet work table” will be made  available.

We understand that it is important for all students to have the same teachers and Small Group Leaders from session to session. Except in times of illness and other unavoidable time conflicts, teachers will teach and SGLs lead,  during the same time periods each session, and therefore have the same children.