The corona virus pandemic has challenged the publishers of religious education materials to innovate the resources available to us. The Billerica Catholic Religious Education office, always looking to provide the best faith formation experiences possible, re-evaluated when we had been using in the past and has chosen materials that both suit our current needs and […]

Yes, Billerica Catholic Religious Education offers a Home Study option. We believe that it is important to support parents to be the primary educators of their children in the way of the faith, in the manner they best see fit. Families who choose Home Study will receive materials that students complete at home with the […]

Home Study is not required for students who are enrolled in Catholic Schools.   This is because the students are receiving their catechesis (faith formation) from the school during their school day. Home study is not required for Catholic School students who are preparing for their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, however, we expect those students […]