Given the pandemic and restrictions from the Archdiocese for the health and safety of all participants, we cannot hold religious education classes on site at this time. Therefore, there is no need to have any programs attached to Mass times. By not offering programs on Sunday mornings, or on Sundays attached to Mass times, we […]

The corona virus pandemic has challenged the publishers of religious education materials to innovate the resources available to us. The Billerica Catholic Religious Education office, always looking to provide the best faith formation experiences possible, re-evaluated when we had been using in the past and has chosen materials that both suit our current needs and […]

Welcome to Religious Education! We are excited to partner with you, the family, to nurture the faith of each child and teen. If you are new to having a child participate in Religious Education, we have created this chart to answer the question “what program should they sign up for?” Additionally, this chart provides guidance […]