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Session 12a – Google Form with embedded videos

Session 13a – Live, Online Zoom Meeting post – held March 30

Session 13b – Live, Online Zoom meeting post – held April 6 and 8

Session 14a – Live, Online Zoom meeting post – held April 13 and 15

Session 14b – Live, Online Zoom meeting post – held April 20 & 22 – notes:

Dear Navigators and families,

I want to thank all who participated in last week’s Navigators Live! I was able to hold both sessions and I apologize for not stopping the back-up planned email about power outage! I hope you survived Monday’s wind storms without too much damage to your property.

Navigators Live will continue this Monday and Wednesday, April 20 & 22, both times at 6pm (two iterations of the same program), to have a more reasonable number of participants in each. My plan is to continue to offer this format at least through the end of April – Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 6pm. The Catholic Community of Billerica continues to be committed to continuing to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as best we can.

If you missed Navigators Live! on April 20 or 22, the recordings are available by contacting me. You will receive a link to an mp4 movie file in my Dropbox, not a link to YouTube, to respect the privacy of the teens. The video is only accessible with the link I will provide.

Due to an increase in security and the soaring popularity of Zoom, I am going to start using the password protection feature offered. Please use the links contained in the email to join the Zoom meetings…

Notes for parents:
1. I will have one or more adults joining this online meeting with the teens. You are welcome to join as well with your Navigator.
2. The online meeting will be recorded and stored within the BCRE files, only accessible through the email links provided in future messages.

Please have your teen prepare for Navigators Live! by doing two things:
1. Download this week’s Gospel Weekly HERE (or use the blue button below)
2. Email me in advance if your teen wishes to do one of the readings

Experience Mass at Home!
Billerica Catholic’s YouTube Channel – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday are all available.

Perhaps you have been utilizing Catholic TV:  or

My family and I have enjoyed Mass from Church of the Nativity outside Baltimore, Maryland – a Catholic Church that has been a leader for a decade now, including publishing books and hosting conferences – they offer a contemporary music-style Mass, with drums and modern music. Check them out at:

How Can the Church Serve You?
Know that if you would like to talk, I can be available through Zoom, Google Hangout, or FaceTime on Sundays all day, or Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings.

Tony Carbrello
Coordinator of Religious Education

Do’s and Don’ts of Evangelizaiton
YouTube – LifeTeen
How should we share our faith? This funny video helps us look at ways we should – and should not – share our faith!