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Session 12:

Quarter 3 Review

Session 12 Online Form – Video, Questions, Notes

Greetings BCRE Navigator Families!

In light of not being able to have live classes, I have recorded some short videos and created a Google Form for your teen to experience faith formation at home. Please have your teen work on the Online Form linked above, as well as the Quarter 3 Review (that we would have done in class). Please feel free to join your teen for the online class as you are available! I am very interested in your ideas and feedback in how I can support my Navigator families during this unique time – simply send a response.

Important Note about the next Session – Created for Love:
In addition to our two Gospels, the Created for Love Curriculum (Life, Love, and Relationships, mandated by Cardinal Sean to be used in the Archdiocese of Boston) offers us some challenging topics under “Caring for Body and Soul” (pages 31-37) including abortion, adoption, adultery, and birth control. I plan to only note these issues without speaking about them in detail, and I draw your attention to them.

For more information about the Created for Love program from the Archdiocese of Boston, as well as links to the videos and a pdf file of the student handbook, please visit the website of the Respect Life Education Office. The Created for Love program is mandated by Cardinal Sean to be incorporated into all Grade 7-8 Religious Education programs of the Archdiocese.

Session 12 (Getting to Know Jesus Better) will include:
-Gospels for the Fourth and Fifth Sundays in Lent
-Some Discussion of Lent
-Caring For Body and Soul (pages 31-37) from the Created for Love program (see above)
-Review for Sessions 8-10 (since January)

The teacher notes for this class may be found by clicking here.

Review Game from Session 11 Fixed
Some of the previous sessions were unable to play the review game due to a problem with the iPads. I think I have fixed (or found a way around) the iPad problem for the future.

To get a copy of the review game (PowerPoint), click here.

App of the Week – Resources for Families
K-Love Radio NetworkApple AppGoogle Play
Nationwide Christian Ministry K-Love is now broadcasting on the former classic rock signal 107.3 FM, coming from Westborough, MA. This signal is much more clear in Billerica than their small broadcast on 105.3 FM from Medford that I spoke about in December. My years of saying that Boston has no Christian music are over. I think it is worth giving a try for the quality of music and how it has positively changed my life.

This is a great Christian radio station that may sound like the music you listen to and hear around, but it is all positive and focused on our Christian faith.

Mass Options Available Online
My family enjoyed two different Masses on Sunday (due to a technical glitch). I think Catholic TV is been referenced by the Archdiocese of Boston on a number of occasions:  or

My family and I also enjoyed this Mass from Church of the Nativity outside Baltimore, Maryland – a Catholic Church that has been a leader for a decade now, including publishing books and hosting conferences (I might have attended their conference this spring). Check them out at:

Summer Adventure Week – Counselors Wanted!
Summer Adventure Week 2020 will be held June 22-26 for younger children, and we are looking for teens to help as counselors. It’s a great week of fun and community. For more information, or to see how much fun we had last year, visit our website. Click here to sign up to be a counselor.