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BCRE PATHFINDERS:  Your Faith Lesson @ Home

Greetings Pathfinders and adults!
Happy Easter!
Christ Is Risen, Alleluiah!
Welcome to the Easter Faith @ Home lesson – Jesus the Messiah.
You can break this Lesson into two sittings.
The total lesson should take about 45 – 60 minutes, and includes a video.
You can email me with questions and feedback at FYI:
All Pathfinder Faith @ Home Lessons are posted on the BCRE website, click HERE
Click HERE for an Easter message from Father Aveni.     Click HERE for Father Aveni’s latest video chat with the Collaborative.
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          for the Billerica Catholic CollaborativeMay Our Risen Lord, the True Light, bring you the Peace and Joy of His New Life.
May Our God, the True Physician, give you healing and protection of mind, body, soul and spirit.
Peace in Christ,
Deb FergusBCRE Coordinator for Grades 3-4 (Explorers) and Grades 5-6 (Pathfinders)
Summer Adventure Week Coordinator
Billerica Catholic Family Mass Team

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Faith Lessons @ Home Class #14A:  Jesus the Messiah

 For all Grade 5-6 youth and their adults                                    

Pray together        Session Prayer
                                      (Sign of the Cross)
                                      O Holy Spirit,
make me a faithful follower of Jesus,
an obedient child of the Church
and a help to my neighbor.

                                      Give me the grace to keep the commandments
                                                and to receive the Sacraments worthily.
                                      Raise me to holiness and to everlasting life.
(Sign of the Cross)

Introduction     We Belong to God
                                  A. Watch video:  “Toy Story 2” clip
                                                1.  Click HERE  to see video

                                  B. Answer these questions:
1. Why did the real Buzz Lightyear show his friends his foot?
2. How do you mark things that  belong to you or your family?
                                                3. To whom do you belong?
4. What did Andy do to “mark” Buzz?
5. What does God do to mark you?


C. Read Session 27 slide #2:  “Marked with a Seal”
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print slides

Lesson – Part I:  Jesus Is the Messiah 
                                 A. Read Session 27 “Messiah” slides #3 – 5:
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print slides

 B. Use your bible to read Luke 4: 16-21

                                   C. Read Session 27 “Messiah” slide #6:
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print slides

                                 D. DO “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” activity:
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print Class 14 sheets – pages #1 – 2
2. Choose ONE Gift
3. Read the section about your chosen Gift
4. Complete the worksheet, focusing on your chosen Gift

Lesson – Part II:  Jesus Is God and Man 
                                 A. Use your bible to read Matthew 16: 15-17

B. Read Session 27 slide #7: “Jesus Is Fully God and Fully Man” 
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print slides

                                 C. DO “Jesus’ Two Natures: God and Man crossword puzzle”:
                                                1.  Click HERE  to view/print Class 14 sheets – pages #3 – 4
a) your bible
b) “Crossword Scripture Passages” sheet  (
page #5 of pdf above)
3. Complete the crossword puzzle
4. Correct your work

                                                     a) Answer Key is pages #6 – 7 of pdf above

Closing Prayer     pray the Nicene Creed 
(begin and end with the Sign of the Cross)