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Class 12a (scheduled for March 15-18)

Class 12b (scheduled for March 15-18)

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BCRE PATHFINDERS:  New Beginnings!

from BCRE Family Pick-up Bins OUTSIDE office (St. Theresa parish hall)
(access is OUTDOORS – no need to enter building)
materials are sorted ALPHABETICALLY by class day & time

Greetings Pathfinders and families!
Blessed 4th Week of Easter!
What will YOU do with the New Life that Jesus gave you?

It has been quite a year! 

I pray that you and your families have grown in faith and love of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
I hope the Faith Lessons @ Home have helped you to know God a little better.
(Click HERE for Lessons, all still available online at

Thank you to those who joined their Catechists in this week’s Zoom gatherings!  We were excited to see your smiling faces, hear how you are doing, review the year, and chat about the many ways the Holy Spirit helps and guides us.

Say “THANK YOU!” to your Catechist (teacher) for their hard work this year!
  * Email Catechist directly
Email me, and I will forward it to your Catechist
Make a card for your Catechist, and drop it in BCRE Family Pick Up Bin
(I will send it to them a.s.a.p.)                              (OUTSIDE St. Theresa Parish Hall) 


Looking for something new?
“God Speaks”

                                      * read the bible with Mrs. Fergus (that’s me!)
* fun activities and games
* meet safely online (using Zoom app)
* weekly 40-minute gatherings
* early evening (avoid adult work hours)

Interested?  Let me know!
If there is enough interest, I will email you with details and a start date.

     1. Remember to pick up your workbook and folder!  (See above for details)
     2. Click HERE for this week’s video message from Father Aveni.
     3. Check for
* Billerica Catholic video of Sunday Mass
* latest news for the Billerica Catholic Collaborative

     4. Check website AND your emails regularly for information on:
 * BCRE 2020-21 registration – coming soon!
* Summer Adventure Week info

Contact me with questions and feedback.
Be assured that I keep you and your loved ones in my daily prayers.
I look forward to the day when we can see each other in person!
Peace in Christ,
Deb Fergus

BCRE Coordinator for Grades 3-4 (Explorers) and Grades 5-6 (Pathfinders)
Summer Adventure Week Coordinator
Billerica Catholic Family Mass Team

BCRE Phone:  (978) 667-3733, x442

BCRE office manager:  Carol Wemmitt
BCRE website:

Billerica Catholic Collaborative Office Phone:  (978) 663-8816
FaceBook:  Catholic Community of Billerica