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BCRE Seekers: Your Faith Lesson At Home

Greetings Seekers Families!  

Blessed Easter Season!

The disciples, and all of us, are called to spread the Good News of Christ to all we meet. In this week’s lessons we learn about a way that we are strengthened in our faith to follow Jesus and to tell others about the Good News of Christ. Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit and the Spirit will help us to show love and know what to say. Spreading the Good News is as much about how we act and interact with others as what we say. Every part of our life should spread the Good News of Christ.

When you are overwhelmed or lack courage to do what is needed, recall the early disciples and know that same Spirit is with you. When you are doing a good thing, the Holy Spirit will lead you and give you what you need to rise to the occasion. Just pray.

During this overwhelming and challenging time, please know that I continue to hold you and your family up in prayer. Please let me know if I can help with anything, in anyway, at anytime. You can email me with questions and concerns at

Health and strength for all,

Melissa Gozzo
Billerica Catholic Religious Education (BCRE)
Young Disciples Coordinator (Gr. K – 1)
Seekers Coordinator (Grade 2)
First Reconciliation and Eucharist Coordinator (Grades 2-5)

Resources For At Home Use

I invite you to explore this week’s Class #15 topics at home:

  • Chapter 17: We Are Strengthened in Confirmation
  • Pentecost: Come, Holy Spirit

If you are unable to pick up your child’s work at this time or if you already have all your materials at home with you, we encourage you to use the following underlined links: Home Guides for Chapter 17 and Pentecost, the Activity Booklets for Chapter 17 and Pentecost, and your Catholic Children’s Bible to help your child continue his/her faith formation from home.

Please Note:

  • The underlined Home Guide Link above includes the Home Guide PDF for ALL Chapters/Lessons.
  • The underlined Chapter 17 and Chapter Pentecost Link above are direct links to our chapters of focus this week.
  • The Activity Booklets attachment includes ALL the remaining chapters for our 2019-2020 Religious Education Program.

Additional Activities
I have included some additional resources below for you and your child to engage in together at home.

Mark a family calendar with the date of Pentecost this year:
Sunday, May 31st, 2020!

Plan a small birthday party for the Church! 

  • Pentecost is called “the birthday of the Church.” This is because when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, they were given the courage to begin to teach many other people about the Good News of Jesus. The Holy Spirit helped the disciples spread the Good News and the Church began to grow from that moment on.
  • Include the color red as part of the decorations, attire, or supplies (paper plates, cups, balloon, icing or sprinkles for cake/cupcakes). Explain that you used red for the birthday party because red is the color used to mark Pentecost Sunday. In the church we use red (the color of fire) on the feast of Pentecost to symbolize the power and love of the Holy Spirit. The priest wears red vestments at Mass on Pentecost. 
Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • We cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we can see the effects of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The effects of the Holy Spirit working in our lives are called the
    fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  • The fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Watch the following underlined link:  Love | The Fruit of The Spirit for Kids with your family. In this Youtube Video Playlist, Douglas Talks starts a new series of videos all about the different Fruit of the Spirit, beginning with love!

YouTube Video Clips related this week’s lessons

YouTube Songs related to this week’s lessons

All Seekers Families may pick up their folders inside a clear storage bin outside the BCRE Office at St. Theresa Parish Hall labeled, “Seekers (Grade 2) Folders from Class.”


Inside the large clear storage bin are color-coded bins for each class day:
Yellow Bin: Sunday Class at St. Andrew
Red Bins: Monday 4PM and 6PM Classes at St. Theresa
Green Bins: Tuesday 4PM and 6PM Classes at St. Theresa
Purple Bin: Wednesday 6PM Class at St. Mary

Kindly retrieve your child’s folder from the colored bin that corresponds to your child’s class at your convenience.
This bin, located outside the BCRE Office at St. Theresa Parish, is accessible 24/7.