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BCRE Young Disciples: Your Faith Lesson At Home

Greetings Young Disciples Families!  
Blessed Fourth Week of Lent!

While our Young Disciples classes are suspended, I invite you to explore this week’s Class #13 topic at home:

  • Special Seasons: Holy Week
** Please read the additional information below for at home resources **

The Chapter/Lesson Outlines seen below for our weekly faith lessons will continue to be emailed to you until classes resume.

As the health crisis situation changes daily, remember to check the Billerica Catholic website at for updates and information.

You and your families continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, especially during this challenging time.  Please keep each other in prayer, as well as your catechists and adult volunteers – we are a family-in-faith, and we need our God!

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God bless you and your family,

Melissa Gozzo

Billerica Catholic Religious Education (BCRE)
Young Disciples Coordinator (Gr. K – 1)
Seekers Coordinator (Grade 2)
First Reconciliation and Eucharist Coordinator (Grades 2-5)

At Home Resources

Before You Begin:
All Young Disciples (Grades K and 1) Students who attend classes at St. Andrew, St. Mary, or St. Theresa have completed Chapters 1 through 18 in their “Christ Our Life, God is Good” Workbooks. After taking some time to skim through these chapters with your child, please reflect upon which chapter was most memorable for your child so far and why. We encourage you to read and complete any sections or chapters you come across that are missing or incomplete from Chapters 1 through 18.

This week’s Young Disciples Classes covers Holy Week (Pages 241-242). The theme of Holy Week corresponds to lessons taught in Chapter 19 (Pages 166-176) from Class #12, as such you may wish to revisit this chapter with your child.

Although our pre-COVID-19 Lesson Plan of another “field trip” to the church to participate in the Stations of the Cross is not do-able, I have included some resources below for you and your child to engage in together at home.

YouTube Songs related to this week’s lessons

YouTube Video Clips related this week’s lessons

Special Season 5: Holy Week (Back of the Book)
Student Book: Page 241 – 242


Faith Focus: Jesus suffered and died for love of us.

We are able to:

  • Describe and pray the Stations of the Cross
  • Identify the themes of suffering, compassion, desire to help others, forgiveness, and love in the Stations of the Cross


Words to Know:
  • Resurrection
    • The bodily raising of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third after he died on the Cross
  • tomb
    • a place in which to burry someone who has died


Building Family Faith
  • Jesus freely chose to lay down his life for us. He overcame the power of sin and death and opened up for us the real meaning of life. With fidelity, Jesus was obedient to his Father’s will. His love was greater than the hate that nailed him to the cross. As the children reflect on the Death of Jesus, help them to concentrate on its meaning, not on its details.
  • A simple and honest narration of what happened at each station deeply impresses children of this age and moves to a response of love.

Punchouts: In the back of the Children’s Book is the following punchout that can enhance the lesson.
  • “Way of the Cross” Booklets
    • Explain the stations tell the story of Jesus’ suffering and Death.
      • This is your own Stations of the Cross Booklet. It has pictures for the stations that help us remember how Jesus suffered and rose from the dead.
      • As we look at each picture, we thank Jesus for loving us so much.
      • Use this book at home. Read it together with your family.

Chapter 19: Jesus Gives the Gift of Himself
Student Book: Unit 4, 167- 173


Faith Focus: Jesus offered himself for us at the Last Supper and on the Cross.

We Remember:

  • What gift does Jesus give us at Mass?
    • Jesus gives us the gift of himself at Mass.
  • Why is Jesus our Savior?
    • Jesus is our Savior because he dies and rose to save us from sin and bring us new life.

Building Family Faith
  • Jesus continues to be present to us today. He is present in a special way at Mass. At the Last Supper, Jesus gave his Body and Blood to his friends. At Mass we receive Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion. At each Mass Jesus offers himself to the Father, just as he did on Good Friday. We give thanks and praise to Jesus in the Mass. It is a time of great celebration.
    • Discuss as a family:
      • Why is it important to go to Mass?
      • How is Mass like a family meal?
    • Do as a family:
      • Plan to attend a Mass… ONLINE!
      • Father Aveni has posted a new video to the Parishioners of the Catholic Community of Billerica. View the video below:
      • Bishop Hennessey visited Billerica to share the 4th Sunday of Lent Mass with our Parishes. Although we continue to social distance, we can keep holy the Sabbath from our homes. Click HERE to view the video.

Punchouts: In the back of the Children’s Book is the following punchout that can enhance the lesson.
  • “I am with you” Tabernacles
    • The tabernacles are a reminder of Jesus’ great gift.
      • Introduce the meaning of the Holy Thursday liturgy:
        • Jesus’ going away present was better than a picture of himself. Jesus Christ is with us always in the Bread of Life, which is in the tabernacle in our Church.
        • On Holy Thursday evening, we celebrate Mass and remember that at the Last Supper, Jesus gave us himself. After this Mass, the priest carries the Blessed Sacrament to a special tabernacle decorated with flowers and candles. Then people come to pray and thank Jesus for this gift.
        • What “going away” gift did Jesus give?
          • Himself in the Eucharist

PLEASE NOTE: The workbooks that were kept in the classrooms of the parishes can be picked up in the green storage bin outside the BCRE Office at St. Theresa Parish Hall labeled, “BCRE Family Pick-Up Bin”


Kindly retrieve your child’s workbook labeled with your child’s first and last name from this green bin located outside the BCRE Office at St. Theresa Parish, which is accessible 24/7.