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Note from Jim Spinale, email March 29:

Dear Parents and Students;

I never thought I would ever say to all of you students and parents that I truly miss you. The kids know how much I think of them and how proud I am of them but in these trying and scary times in our lives, the one thing they should be proud of is themselves. These are the teenagers that you don’t read about in the paper because these kids are the good ones. I saw on tv a piece about elementary teachers that rode up and down the streets of their students, so I tried it. I was driving up and down the streets holding a sign that said I miss you but the police pulled me over to check me out.(Only Kidding). What I’m not kidding about is praying that all of you are healthy and are praying to ask God for guidance and help. I am going crazy being stuck in the house so yesterday I ran around the block 5 times and felt great, then I picked up the block and put it back in the toy box. I will be sending out a link soon from Chosen to offer you a chance to read and view the DVD on the last 3 lessons. This is not mandatory but maybe something that will help take your mind and your parent’s mind off this crisis. God bless all of you and keep in touch.                                                                        Jim Spinale