Here to Serve You! Confirmation Step 1 – Request and Retreat First Reconciliation Information Teen Reflection Nights You have received Confirmation…

Here to Serve You!

To learn more about us and our roles, click here for a short video of introduction.

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Confirmation Step 1 – Request and Retreat

Step 1 for Confirmation candidates is to request to receive the sacrament, and attend one retreat.

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First Reconciliation Information

Preparation information for First Reconciliation

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Teen Reflection Nights

Mondays at 7:30pm on Zoom
Jan. 18-Feb. 8

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You have received Confirmation…

How are you going to use your gifts and talents in the Church?

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Religious Education Formation Programs

Descriptions of all our programs.

Registration Information

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Suggestion Box

We welcome your feedback as we seek to provide the best faith formation experience for our community!

Creating a Safe Environment

Information about how we create a safe environment for all God's children.

Welcome to Billerica Catholic Religious Education!

Please reach the staff by email so we may best serve you.
The physical office remains closed due to the pandemic.

Young Disciples Online

Young Disciples Online – Class 16 (Blessed Mother) – email sent May 11 Class 13 – scheduled for March 22-25 Class 14 – email sent April 12 Class 15 –...

Seekers Online

Seekers Online – Blessed Mother Lesson, email sent May 17 Seekers Online Class 13 – scheduled March 22-25, email sent March 24 Seekers Online Class 14 – email sent April...

Explorers Online

Explorers Online! Lesson 15 – Transitioning (email sent May 1) Lesson 14b – send April 18 Lesson 14a – sent April 6 Lesson 13b – sent March 31 Explorers Challenges...

Pathfinders Online

Pathfinders Online – Class 15 – Transitions – email sent May 8 Class 12a (scheduled for March 15-18) Class 12b (scheduled for March 15-18) Pathfinder Challenges Class 13a (scheduled for...

Navigators Online

Navigators Online Session 12a – Google Form with embedded videos Session 13a – Live, Online Zoom Meeting post – held March 30 Session 13b – Live, Online Zoom meeting post...

Confirmation 1 Online

Confirmation 1 Online Note from Jim Spinale, email June 19: It is again that time for my weekly email to check-in and pray that you are all safe and healthy...

Confirmation 2 Online

Confirmation 2 Online Note: All Confirmation Masses scheduled in the Catholic Community of Billerica have been postponed to the fall. Note from Jim Spinale, email June 19: It is again...

Family Masses

Family Masses

Join us for the Family Masses! Join us for family-focused Masses, where children are invited to be actively involved and the homilies are youth-friendly. Refreshments are offered after Mass with...

Young Disciples Online – Class 13

Young Disciples Online – Class 13 View this email in your browser BCRE Young Disciples: Your Faith Lesson At Home Greetings Young Disciples Families!   Blessed Fourth Week of Lent! While...

Young Disciples Online 14

Young Disciples Online – Class 14 – scheduled for April 5-8, email sent April 12 Class 13 – scheduled for March 22-25   BCRE Young Disciples: Your Faith Lesson At...