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Prepare for Christmas with your family by living Advent – the Church season designed to prepare us to celebrate the Birth of Jesus!

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How are you going to use your gifts and talents in the Church?

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Creating a Safe Environment

Information about how we create a safe environment for all God's children.

Welcome to Billerica Catholic Religious Education!

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The physical office remains closed due to the pandemic.

What is a rotating volunteer?

A “Rotating Helper” is a parent, guardian, or other adult family member who assists the religious education program on a rotating basis. Beginning in 2020-2021, one adult from each family...

BCRE July 2020 Update

The Lord is near.  Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition,      with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.  Then the peace of God that...

BCRE August 2020 Update

In light of recent guidance from the Archdiocese of Boston concerning faith formation (religious education / CCD) programs, there are some items I can share with you now regarding BCRE...

Pandemic Spring 2020

When we were no longer able to meet together in March 2020, BCRE moved toward remote learning. Use the links below to explore the various information and lessons we offered....

BCRE September 2020 Update

Now that the BCRE team is together again, we are actively preparing for our future of faith formation in St. Matthew the Evangelist parish, serving the Catholic Community of Billerica....

New Opportunities for Teens!

Spring 2020 – New Opportunities for Teens in Grades 7 – High School Just as religious education classes are concluding for the year, BCRE is ready to offer MORE to...

Young Disciples Online

Young Disciples Online – Class 16 (Blessed Mother) – email sent May 11 Class 13 – scheduled for March 22-25 Class 14 – email sent April 12 Class 15 –...

Seekers Online

Seekers Online – Blessed Mother Lesson, email sent May 17 Seekers Online Class 13 – scheduled March 22-25, email sent March 24 Seekers Online Class 14 – email sent April...

Explorers Online

Explorers Online! Lesson 15 – Transitioning (email sent May 1) Lesson 14b – send April 18 Lesson 14a – sent April 6 Lesson 13b – sent March 31 Explorers Challenges...

Pathfinders Online

Pathfinders Online – Class 15 – Transitions – email sent May 8 Class 12a (scheduled for March 15-18) Class 12b (scheduled for March 15-18) Pathfinder Challenges Class 13a (scheduled for...