For those who missed Grade 1 in 2019-2020, or perhaps 2018-2019, we have a limited supply of materials we will provide your family in order to home-school our Grade 1 religious education curriculum. Using the new Discover series from St. Mary’s Press (what grades 1-4, or Seekers and Explorers, will be using in 2020-2021), this curriculum uses the Catholic Children’s Bible with a series of related materials.

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Grade 1 Home Guide

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Information letter for families:

Thank you for participating in our summer catch up program. When Melissa and I first discussed this option in June, we had no idea two major hurdles would impede and delay our offering this opportunity: 1. Melissa being on furlough for the summer, and 2. The digital version of this program not being available during the summer. I sincerely apologize that so much of the summer is already behind us, and you are just starting now.


Fortunately, you should have in your possession the materials from St. Mary’s Press that we ordered for you. The folder in the light blue bag contains the 20 “chapter” activity booklets (pamphlets) and We Know and Live Our Faith resource. You will also need your Catholic Children’s Bible, which you should have from last year. Finally, to make sense of it all, you need The Home Guideavailable on our website in PDF – which pulls all the pieces together. The Home Guide indicates for each activity booklet (pamphlet) which scripture passages to use and which We Know and Live Our Faith resource to be reviewed.


Additionally, the folder contains a sticker chart that will show your progress as you add one sticker for each activity booklet (pamphlet) completed. We have found that the children really enjoy seeing the picture completed as you progress through the materials.


For our summer catch up program, please complete the 20 chapters you will find in the folder. Additionally, there are several activity booklets (pamphlets) in the back – you need only complete the ones titled Mary, Ordinary Time, Easter, and Pentecost.


Note for the upcoming school year: BCRE will be using this resource in its online format. However, for this summer, the online option was not available, because they are adding the chapters / segments in real-time (so it is only partially online at this time).


When Melissa returns to the BCRE office in early September, she will follow up with families about what follow-up we would like to see that you have completed this summer catch up program. Additionally, she will be in touch about preparing for Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


Until Melissa returns, I would be happy answer any questions you might have about the Discover program we are using. I recommend that you review the Parent Video linked on our website and that you download the Home Guide.

Tony Carbrello

Director of Youth Faith Formation